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Tunisia, facing persistent water shortages exacerbated by climate change, is becoming a focal point for Dutch entrepreneurs in climate and water-smart agriculture. Seed2Feed and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) are working together to address the nation’s growing problems with longer and more unpredictable droughts and rainy seasons.

A thorough market analysis carried out in collaboration with RVO will identify possible obstacles and business opportunities for Dutch enterprises operating in Tunisia. Set to be presented at the RVO office in The Hague on January 26, 2024, the study aims to identify areas where Dutch innovations can play a pivotal role in reshaping Tunisia’s approach to water and agriculture.

During the seminar, Ambassador Josephine Frantzen, the Netherlands’ ambassador to Tunisia, will provide insightful commentary that will highlight Tunisia’s unique needs and challenges. The mission, which is scheduled to take place from June 3–7, 2024, aims to strengthen ties between Dutch participants and local businesses and authorities. Individual matchmaking sessions, company visits, and site tours are all part of the preliminary program.

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An earlier research emphasized the need for Dutch knowledge in climate-smart, circular agriculture, and water management. Possibilities include lowering dam leaks, developing water infrastructure technology, and putting flood control measures in place. Dutch proficiency is also required for creating capacity, utilizing non-conventional water sources, intelligent water collection, and water-smart technologies.

Businesses that would like to take part in the mission can do so for €500 each (VAT, transport, and accommodation are not included). Each company is welcome to have two representatives, each of whom must register separately. Parties with an interest in the mission will get regular updates on its status.

For more details on the mission and seminar, along with information on participation, visit here.

Join us in pioneering sustainable solutions for Tunisia’s agricultural future!

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