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In the dynamic landscape of Tanzanian agriculture, a collaborative effort between Leiden University students and Profyta explored the potential of indigenous varieties during their 2022/2023 internship. Conducted at a Profyta location in Tanzania, the research aimed to understand the suitability of adapted varieties for local conditions.

Initially driven by concerns that modern seeds might overshadow indigenous varieties, the students’ internship journey unfolded to reveal a nuanced reality. They discovered that high-quality seeds can boost productivity without being prohibitively expensive. Through interviews with horticultural companies and farmers, the team emphasized the need for heightened climate change awareness among farmers.

The conclusions drawn from their research highlighted the need for improved and customized farming techniques aligned with the farmers’ crops, locations, and outcomes. Profyta emerges as a solution provider, offering simple infographics, educational sessions, and hardware solutions like weather stations and the innovative Mtumbwi system. Mtumbwi was developed by Profyta to facilitate cost-effective substrate-based farming with precise and sustainable water and nutrient management.

The students’ findings have far-reaching implications for Tanzania’s horticultural sector. By advocating for tailored farming techniques and climate change awareness, this initiative not only addresses the immediate challenges faced by farmers but also contributes to the long-term development of the industry. The collaborative efforts of Leiden University and Profyta are paving the way for a resilient and sustainable horticultural sector in Africa.

Visit Profyta’s website to learn more.

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