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We’re thrilled to share that a dynamic team from the Leiden – Delft – Erasmus Rotterdam minor program, representing three prestigious universities, recently embarked on a meaningful journey at Holland Greentech in Kenya.

These bright students dived into action, providing invaluable IT support to streamline customer relations at Holland Greentech’s Kenyan location. Their efforts enable smoother visits, advice, and customer interactions, fostering stronger relationships within the community.

But that’s not all. They also crafted a comprehensive guide for local farmers on growing plants like tomatoes and cucumbers, empowering them with essential knowledge for successful cultivation. Additionally, they rolled up their sleeves to produce bio-degradable seedling trays, showcasing their commitment to sustainability in a hands-on way.

Through their diligent work on social media, they amplified Holland Greentech’s products, bringing attention to the farmers and their remarkable offerings.

Reflecting on their enriching experience, the students shared, “Our time with HGT was a transformative journey, not only expanding our knowledge of plants and farming but also immersing us in the vibrant culture, history, and cuisine of Kenya. This field assignment taught us invaluable lessons in patience, persistence, cultural understanding, and aligning expectations with reality.”

Their dedication and passion for making a difference are truly inspiring!

Visit this website to learn more about Holland Greentech.

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Team Kenya HGT 23
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