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Seed2Feed is playing a role as the co-initiator of the Greenport Impact Cluster in Nigeria and also serves as the consortium coordinator for the project. The main objective of this initiative is to establish a more resilient and robust horticultural value chain that can significantly benefit local communities and contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy.

The decision to focus on the southwest region of Nigeria for the Impact Cluster has been influenced by several key factors. Firstly, there is a pressing need for Nigeria to achieve food self-sufficiency, and this project aims to address that challenge by promoting sustainable horticultural practices and increasing productivity.

Furthermore, the southwest region offers significant business opportunities and employment prospects, which can help to uplift the local economy. The distance from urban markets in this area also highlights the potential for market development and the creation of a more efficient supply chain.

The Impact Cluster recognizes the potential of protected cultivation techniques in Nigeria, which can overcome challenges posed by unfavorable climatic conditions and increase the yield of high-value crops. By leveraging these opportunities, the project aims to enhance horticultural productivity and improve the livelihoods of farmers in the region by creating a Greenport-like ecosystem with agro-business parks and services.

Another crucial aspect of the initiative is the demand for training capacity. The project aims to provide training and knowledge transfer to farmers through Nigerian – Dutch business and knowledge transfer Collaboration, empowering the farmers with the skills and techniques necessary for sustainable and efficient farming practices. The project will also build a demonstration and training center in a new horticulture area.

The establishment of the Impact Cluster aligns with the goals of the Dutch industry, which sees an opportunity for market development in Nigeria. Additionally, the project supports the policies and priorities set by the Nigerian government to achieve food security and promote sustainable horticultural practices.

Importantly, the initiative is in line with the Dutch government’s policy objectives, further strengthening the commitment to bilateral collaboration and sustainable development. Leveraging the existing operations of the Soilless Farm Lab, the Impact Cluster aims to build upon the foundation of expertise and resources already available in the region.

Through these collective efforts, Greenport Nigeria, Stichting African Greenports Foundation, JMSF Agribusiness, The African Farmers Stories, Soilless Farm Lab, Seed2Feed, PRIVA, Koppert, PAS / Profyta, Viscon, and LDE Universities, the Greenport Impact Cluster aim to make a significant impact on the horticultural sector in Nigeria. By creating a more resilient and sustainable agricultural value chain, the project strives to improve food security, stimulate economic growth, and enhance the overall well-being of local communities.

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