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A student group from the minor program at the Delft University of Technology has built a greenhouse for the local startup horticulture farmer from Kenya. They had planned to travel, but because of the Covid situation in 2020, they could not do so. So they worked virtually.

Concretely that means that they put a lot of effort to collect the money to build a greenhouse. After that, they made a design, and together with the future owner of the greenhouse and a local constructor, they supervised the process of building.

The local farmer was acquainted with Seed2Feed, and he already possessed another greenhouse, that was almost worn out. So, he needed a new one and couldn’t mobilize the money. The design included a facility for rainwater harvesting.

The later management of the greenhouse showed that it was hardly enough during the dry season. But for most of the year, it functioned well.

It was a great experiment for the students to do this work virtually and get to this result.

From their report: “We learned that planning and thinking ahead is very important but also that there is always more than one scenario, and you should have taken them all into account.”

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