Between February and June 2023, a dynamic team of five Eindhoven students embarked on a transformative project aimed at enhancing sensors and data analysis for electronically controlled growth. Partnering with Profyta in Tanzania, the students collaborated remotely from Eindhoven, with one fortunate member spending weeks on-site in Tanzania.

Their mission was clear: develop a robust system for data acquisition, analysis, and user interface, empowering operators to make informed decisions on water management, fertilizer application, pest control, and more. The project also aimed to unveil insights into the general plant growth curve through the acquisition of relevant data over time.

Each student brought a unique skill set to the table, aligning with their diverse study backgrounds. From crafting innovative sensors to conducting comprehensive studies on plant growth data, sustainability assessments, and operator interfaces, the team covered a spectrum of crucial aspects. Despite encountering unforeseen challenges in a developing country context, such as technological functionality and the absence of a dedicated programmer, the students persevered.

Their collaborative efforts not only provided Profyta with valuable insights but also illuminated the immense potential of technology in a developing country. Through preliminary studies, hurdles were identified, setting the stage for future advancements in this groundbreaking intersection of agriculture and technology.