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Students Assignments

Seed2feed participates actively in the network of knowledge institutions, including WUR, RUG, EUR, Leiden University, TU Delft, HAS, TU Eindhoven, InHolland, and Lentiz. Students from various major and minor programs contributed to Seed2Feed projects, a.o. in Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda. The combined contributions added to our knowledge base and are used in lessons learned to be included in decision-making in subsequent projects.

Internship and master thesis assignments opportunities

Seed2Feed has partnered with Planetary Service to provide unique internship and master thesis research opportunities for students interested in horticulture and sustainable agriculture. Through this collaboration, Planetary Service provides a close supervision and mediation between students and project managers, as well as farmers in African countries. Students will also have the chance to work on extension model farms in developing countries in Africa, gaining hands-on experience and making a meaningful impact on local communities.

Ongoing and Completed Assignments

Seed2Feed Foundation’s commitment to fostering global collaboration is making waves in African agribusiness. In collaboration with our network of knowledge institutions, we pave the way for Dutch students from various disciplines to embark on impactful internship assignments in different countries in Africa. The combined efforts of these projects enrich our knowledge base, shaping lessons learned for informed decision-making in future endeavors.

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