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The impact cluster Greenport Morocco is a Moroccan-Dutch business and knowledge collaboration to develop and introduce climate-resilient and sustainable horticulture technologies and methodologies in Morocco, leading to economic growth, responsible production, and partnerships. The core of the Greenport program is the Centre d’Excellence d’Horticulture in Agadir. Seed2Feed Foundation is the Overall Project Coordinator under the responsibility of the Project leader.

This project mainly addresses a key challenge of climate change (water deficit) aiming for improved economic development. Horticultural production is one of the most important economic activities of the region of Agadir and the conditions are particularly favorable for tomato production. There are experienced producers, and an internal market able to absorb discrepancies between production and exports).

The horticulture sector in this region faces constraints that limit its sustainable growth. In particular, the region is marked by an increasingly important water deficit. Climate change plays a worrisome role in the decline of regional water reserves and the disturbance of temperature patterns.

Through demonstrations and education, a model for protected agriculture that is inclusive, economically viable, and involves cooperation between different farmers’ groups and supply chain partners within the horticulture value chain will be introduced. The objectives will be pursued by undertaking activities like performing studies, providing training, and establishing a demonstration program in Morocco.

This project will contribute to the reduction of water consumption in the cultivation of high-value crops such as tomatoes by introducing new technologies and soilless farming as the standard for intensive agriculture. Further, the project will contribute to more climate-resilient agriculture by protective farming. At last, introducing biological control will reduce the use of chemical pesticides in the growth. These contributions to the agricultural industry will have a positive effect on the environment.

The main targeted groups within this program are the farmers (including young farmers and women) who are currently using low and mid-tech greenhouses and the trainers/coaches in the horticulture industry.

In the partnership, IAV Hassan II, Apefel, HortiTech, Growers United, Jiffy Growing Solutions, Hoogendoorn Automation, Foundation Seed2Feed, and the strategic alliance of Leiden Delft Erasmus Universities will demonstrate and train in both production, technology, and supply chain aspects. The Impact Cluster collaboration, financially supported by Dutch RVO, a supportive partner in the Dutch Embassy in Morocco, aims to stimulate B2B sector development in partner countries. The collaboration will benefit the Moroccan farmer community and the Dutch horticulture and greenhouse technology industry.